2017 RhinoAg SE8A Multi-Spindle

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SE8A Multi-Spindle



The streamlined, close-coupled design allows economical operation on tractors as small as 30 horsepower on the SE8A and 45 horsepower on the SE10A. The 100 HP center gearbox and 70 HP outboard gearboxes have enhanced protection from a slip clutch on the main driveline and torque dampeners on the side driveshafts. Pan blade carriers help the unit glide over field obstacles and updraft blades with a 4" blade overlap provide a clean cut. The SE8A is available as a 540 RPM unit with either a CAT II lift, semi-mount, or clevis pull-type hitch to fit a range of tractors. The SE10A is available with either a heavy-duty CAT II-III Q.H., semimount, or pull-type hitch for 540 RPM tractors. The 10 gauge deck is reinforced front-to-rear and side-to-side for optimum strength. The Cat 4 main driveline and all gearboxes are fully-shielded for greater operator safety. Front and rear safety deflectors are standard equipment to help reduce the risk of damage or injury due to thrown objects. Front and rear chain guards are optional equipment.

Compare and you will see why the Rhino SE8A and SE10A are excellent choices for economical wide-cut mowers.

The lift-type SE8A features a CAT II hitch and is designed for use on 540 RPM tractors as small as 45 HP (with adequate front weights). Designed to mow a 94" swath, updraft blades and a 4" blade overlap help ensure a clean cut. The 10 gauge deck and 8-1/2" side skirts are reinforced to help provide dependable mainframe strength.

The pull-type SE8A requires only a 30 HP tractor (min.) for economical operation. An adjustable control rod maintains the proper adjustment front-to-rear for a smooth cut. Laminated tailwheels with greaseable tapered roller bearings are standard equipment.

The SE10A mows a 118" swath and is available as a 540 or 1000 RPM unit. The lift-type features a rugged CAT II-III Q.H. for easier unit “hook-up." The lift-type can be operated on 55 HP (min.) tractors (with adequate front weights). The side skirts are 9-1/2" deep to help handle large volumes of material and along with the 10 gauge deck are reinforced to provide troublefree performance.

The pull-type SE10A requires only a 45 HP (min.) tractor for economical, wide-cut mowing. A hydraulic cylinder or ratchet lift screw is available for raising and lowering the mower. A spring shock absorber is optional to help cushion shockloads to the mainframe when operating in rough terrain. (Unit shown with optional chain guards. Deflectors are standard.)

Replaceable skid shoes are standard equipment to help reduce wear on the side skirts. All gearboxes and drivelines are fully shielded for greater safety. Front and rear rubber safety deflectors are standard. Chain guards are optional equipment.

The 100 HP center gearbox and 70 HP outboard gearboxes have enhanced protection from a slip clutch on the main driveline and torque dampeners on both side driveshafts. The 10 gauge deck is braced front-to-rear and side-to-side for optimum strength. The deck design allows for easy unit clean-off. (Shield removed to show detail.)

Lift-type units feature laminated tailwheels for dependable service. Greaseable tapered roller wheel bearings and caster forks are standard for long service life. The tailwheels can be easily adjusted to different mowing heights to help provide the desired cut in your specific application.

  • Cutting Width: 94"
  • Cutting Height: 1-1/4"-12"
  • Hitch: CAT II Lift, Semi-Mount, Pull
  • Horsepower Required (Min.) - Lift: 40
  • Horsepower Required (Min.) - Pull: 30
  • Gearbox Rating - Center: 10
  • Gearbox Rating - Outboard: 70
  • Output Shaft Diameter: 2"
  • Blade Tip Speed (540RPM): 12,666 FPM
  • Cutting Capacity (Max.): 1"
  • Deck Thickness: 10 Ga.
Features and Benefits
  • Cross-braced pan blade carriers
  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Close-coupled design
  • Torque dampeners on side drivelines



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