2014 Exmark PNS740KC604SS - S-Series 60" Deck, Kohler ZT740

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PNS740KC604SS - S-Series 60" Deck, Kohler ZT740



Pioneer S-Series: Proof that value and performance are not mutually exclusive.

The Pioneer S-Series gives lawn care professionals even more to like. Take the cutting deck, for example. The 60-inch model gets the UltraCut Series 4, the same deck used on our Lazer Z® S-Series mower, featuring heavy-duty cutter housings and a deeper deck for increased productivity. The 60" S-Series also gives you the ZT3400 integrated transmission for a seriously smooth ride. The S-Series can also reach speeds up to 9 mph, which results in maximum productivity.

  • Safety-plus: First and foremost, the Rollover Protection System is an important safety feature. Plus, its rear-sloping design helps deflect branches away from the operator.
  • Comfort counts: The Pioneer features a bolstered seat with coil-spring suspension. Because operator comfort and productivity go hand-in-hand.
Power Components
  • Engine: Kohler®
  • Model: ZT740
  • Displacement: 747
  • Air Filter: Heavy-duty canister air filtration system
  • Drive System: Dual Hydro Gear ZT3400, hydrostatic transmission with charge pumps, relief valves and independent, replaceable filters.
  • Speed: Infinitely variable speed selection from 0–9.0 mph (14.5kmph) forward, 0–6.0 mph (9.7 kmph) reverse.
  • PTO Engagement: MagStop electromagnetic 200-ft-lb clutch
  • Fuel Capacity: 7-gallon (26.5.-L) single fuel tank.
  • Drive Wheel Release: Allows unit movement without engine running.
  • Safety Package: Operator Presence Controls (OPC) and drive system interlock, with safety interlock system indicators.
  • Rollover Protection System (ROPS): 2-post foldable ROPS standard with seat belt and latch.
  • Casters: .38" thick caster yoke arms
  • Cup Holder: Standard
  • CARB Compliant: No
  • Deck Construction: 10-gauge high strength alloy top that is formed and continuously seam welded, with 7-gauge side skirt.
  • Deck Style: Full-floating UltraCut Series 4. Side discharge standard, with molded discharge chute and option to bag or mulch.
  • Width: 60" (152.4 cm)
  • Deck Lift: Standard; foot-controlled deck lift changes cutting height and lifts the deck to maneuver around obstacles, or place in transport position.
  • Cutting Heights: 1.5" (3.8 cm) to 5.0" (12.7 cm) in 0.25" (0.6 cm) increments adjustable from operator position via foot-operated, deck-lift system.
  • Blades: 3 Blades at 20.50" Length
  • Blade-Tip Speed: Approximately 18,500 fpm.
  • Tractor Frame: Unibody, welded, heavy-duty 2" square tubular steel.
  • Steering Control: Hydraulically dampened twin levers, adjustable both fore and aft. Levers are also adjustable to 3 height positions.
  • Front Caster Tires: 13 x 5.0-6, smooth tread, pneumatic.
  • Drive Tires: 23 x 10.5-12 Super Turf®
  • Parking Brake: Lever-actuated pawl brake.
  • Seat: Deluxe, two-tone, bolstered suspension seat with Elastomeric Vibration Control material. Mounted on innovative Seat Isolation System that provides operator isolation in all three planes of motion as well as fore-aft slide and seat flip-up.
  • Blade Spindles: No maintenance, sealed and non-greasable spindles; 7.75"-diameter cutter housing with 25mm(.98")diameter spindle shaft and splined blade driver.
  • Electrical: 12-volt battery with 15-amp alternator.
  • Curb Weight: 948 lbs
  • Length: 79 in. (200.2 cm)
  • Width: 73 in. (185 cm)
  • Height: 72 in. (183 cm)
  • Warranty: 2 Year Comm / 4 Year Cons



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
747 cc


Dual Hydro Gear ZT3400, hydrostatic transmission with charge pumps, relief valves and independent, replaceable filters
Wheel Size
Front: 13 x 5.0-6; Drive: 23 x 10.5-12
Fuel Capacity
7 gal. (26.5 L)


Deck Size
60 in. (152.4 cm)
Discharge Type
Side; Optional: Bag, Mulch


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